How to survive writing your first ever Fringe Survival Guide

How to survive writing your first ever Fringe Survival Guide

3 Tips on how to survive writing an Edinburgh Fringe survival guide.

It’s that time again, daytime. And this daytime I’m writing about the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I’ve been reading lots of articles entitled “tips for the Edinburgh Fringe” or “Fringe, a Survivor’s guide.” And it got me thinking. How does a newbie survive putting together their first ever Edfringe survival guide?

Tip 1 Scouting mission
Thinking of taking a survival guide article up to the Edinburgh fringe? I’d suggest visiting Edinburgh a year beforehand to scope out other Edfringe survival guides. In fact why not visit other festivals (Glastonbury, V, Good Food) and think about how you might survive those.

Tip 2
Avoid cliches.
We’ve all heard the worn out fringe survival tips about taking a coat, not skipping meals and making sure your visit falls during the dates of the festival. What people really need is sage advice about the things you can’t know without being a seasoned festival goer. Why not include a list of local blacksmiths? Or a map of the city’s liscenced dog groomers? That way anyone taking a pet to the fringe for company will be able to make sure it continues to look presentable or if it doesn’t, securely lock it away behind some decorative iron gates.

Tip 3
Reading reviews
It’s natural for any author of a Edfringe survival guide to seek approval from critics and peers, this is completely natural. The survival guide publishing industry can be a fickle and cruel mistress. Often you’ll be chatting away in a bar late and night and someone will say “oh I need to head back and get some sleep” and straight away your thinking “dam it, they obviously have a preference for the more mainstream survival tips outlined in exactly the kind of survival guides you despise.” It’s easy to drive yourself mad. It’s crazy to say don’t read reviews, it’s almost impossible, it’s so tempting. Why not get your review fix by heading over to Amazon and reading through some customer feedback from the latest Tefal Non-Stick (more like some-stick) pans?

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