Edinburgh Fringe Q&A with Tony Feelwood

Edinburgh Fringe Q&A with Tony Feelwood

Fringe Q&A with Tony Feelwood

TONY: So Josh, tell us about your show.
JOSH: Well Tony, it’s a show about identity and what I think that means told through the story of the time I got stuck in a puffer jacket as a child.

TONY: Do you know Alan Carr?
JOSH: I’m afraid not.

TONY: Ah, ok it doesn’t matter. Is it your first Edinburgh Fringe?
JOSH: it will be my second full run, I did my debut last year after just 3 years, I probably rushed it really but I don’t regret it.

TONY: What do you regret in life?
JOSH: Hmm I think we only regret the things we don’t do.

TONY: I regret getting physical with my wife.
TONY: I shouldn’t have done it, it’s no excuse but she always knew how to press my buttons and I just reacted, if I could take it back I would.

TONY: Will you be seeing any other shows whilst your up there?
JOSH: Yeah I always try and see plenty of stuff, I like to see friend’s shows, I love wondering into free shows. Also my family will be visiting this year so I’m sure they’ll have stuff they’ll want to go and see.

TONY: Yeah make sure you show them a good time, you’ll miss them when they’re not around. You can’t get that time back, no matter how many afternoon teas you book. Once you’ve crossed a line in a relationship, there’s no going back. Do you have any tips for anyone visiting the Fringe for the first time?
JOSH: Yeah, be open minded, don’t just go and see the acts you’ve heard of. Look through the brochure and take a chance on something, it might not be very good but that’s part of the magic. But avoid seeing actual magic shows as they are shit.

TONY: Ah that word again. “Magic”. Very vague isn’t it? The “magic” went out of my marriage apparently. How can you fix something like that? How can you quantify what that is, and change it? Is it sex? Is that what people mean when they talk about “magic” in a relationship?
JOSH: I’m not really sure. It’s probably something that can’t be defined, I suppose it just means a special connection between two people.

TONY: What’s the point of all of this?
JOSH: The Fringe?
TONY: No, any of it? Life? Do you think I’m attractive?
JOSH: I’ve not really thought about it.
TONY: DO YOU FIND ME ATTRACTIVE? Answer the question.
JOSH: I suppose your handsome in a way yes.
TONY: Handsome isn’t sexy though is it? Women don’t want handsome, handsome is looking smart at a Christening. It’s not tear your clothes of sexy.
JOSH: I don’t really know.
TONY: I did all the right things, I was a conscientious lover, I’d do oral once, twice a week in the early days. Do you talk about that in your show?

TONY: Do you mind if we take a break.

*at this point Tony locked himself in his car for 45 minutes before deciding to terminate the interview.

Josh Pugh: The Changingman. 6.50 every day (not 13) at the Caves.

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