A Children’s Story

A Children’s Story

A Children’s Story

Here is the latest of my lifestyle story /blogs. And this week’s focus is about the emphasis society places on appearance and looks. You have only got to scroll down your social media timeline and you will see a stream of selfies and celebrity beach bodies. In my opinion taking a selfie in front of a tourist attraction isn’t half as fun as asking a bewildered Japanese couple to take the photo for you. They will invariably mess it up and you will be forced to give them incorrect directions in retaliation but it is still a custom that I’ll be disappointed to see the back of.

But I think it’s important to get the message out there to kids that life isn’t all about being good looking and it’s dangerous to define yourself by how you look. So for this reason I have been working on a children’s story called “The Ugly Duckling Part 2”.

Once Upon a Time:

The ugly Duckling, having realised that it was in fact a beautiful swan begins to grow in confidence. After a couple of weeks the swan decides to pursue a career in glamour modelling, and starts a fleeting relationship with lower league footballer Akpo Akinfenwa. Within months a sex tape is leaked and the swan lives out the rest of its days flitting from one reality TV show to the next, desperately trying to claw back some credibility. It is finally on the set of Celebrity Come Dine with Me that the swan makes an attempt at its own life. Unfortunately it is rescued by the team at Animal Hospital and is unwillingly thrust into another day time TV show.

The end.

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